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2017 A Water Conservancy: Oil Pump Fire Should Pay Attention To What The Problem

2017/05/11 17:48

  The fire protection requirements of the pump room are as follows:

  (1) all the building structure of the pumping station, should be built of refractory materials, the ground should be plastering the concrete floor, doors and windows should be opened at both ends of the pump. Door to the outside (can not use the side door), the window of the natural lighting area should not be less than 1/6 of the pump room area, indoor ventilation is good, the air vapor content of the air should not be greater than 300mg / m ^ Top sandwich, house base can not be connected with the pump base.

  (2) pump lighting, should be used explosion-proof device.

  (3) The use of internal combustion engines or ordinary motors for light oil pumping stations shall be separated from the pumps by means of a firewall with a fire resistance of not less than 1.5 h. Connect the internal combustion engine, motor and pump drive shaft through the partition, should be set to seal the filler.

  If the use of explosion-proof motor, you can not set the wall, but all lines and switches and other facilities must meet the technical requirements and explosion-proof requirements.

  (4) When using the internal combustion engine for power, the fuel tank used in the internal combustion engine shall be provided on the nonflammable basis of the door outside the pump wall, and the control valve shall be installed at both ends of the oil pipeline. The oil traction pipe is directed from the ground up to the internal combustion engine.

  (5) The installation of temporary, non-compliant equipment and temporary piping is prohibited in the pump room. Do not use belt drives to avoid static electricity.

  (6) When the pump house adjacent to the adjacent buildings within the 10KV voltage below the demolition of power distribution equipment, measuring instrument station, the staff lounge, must be non-combustible material of the solid wall with the pump room separated, partition only allowed Through the cable associated with the pump (line) to protect the casing, through the wall casing hole application of non-combustible materials tightly packed. And each have a separate door to the door of the pump doors and windows and doors and windows between the shortest distance between the shortest distance should not be less than 6m. If the conditions are limited to the provisions should be set automatically shut down the device, the window can not open the fixed window. Distribution floor should be higher than the pump floor 0.6m.

  (7) Pump room with vacuum system, vacuum tank should be located outside the pump room.

  (8) Pump room pump should be arranged neatly, the pipeline arrangement of the law. Pump and pump, pump and the distance between the wall is generally 1m. Pumps, valves, pipelines impermeable and not leak, accessories complete instrument, and set a certain number of emergency fire extinguishing tools.

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