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Pump Industry Network: How To Solve The Pump Low-Frequency Noise Problem?

2017/05/11 17:47

  The invention of the pump in the daily life and industrial production has played an invaluable role, because the pump to us to solve the problem of water difficult.

  Nowadays, high-rise buildings have sprung up in the country among the major cities, but generally use frequency conversion water supply system. The worries are also worthy of our thinking, high-rise residential water will have a pressurized water pump set, the pump room is generally built in the basement that layer of a few in the roof, not knowing that a large pressurized water pump running noise is There is harm.

  There is news in 2009, so that people began to pay attention to the pump work to bring low-frequency noise hazards. Who lives in Chongwen District, Beijing, the rich floor of a building, Mr. 8 will be rich garden developers to court, because the downstairs pump issued low-frequency noise to his family was born only 9 days of baby death, the owners claim more than 30 million.

  We are deeply aware of this 300,000 yuan, is unable to make up for pregnant children in October once childbirth, but unfortunately died of pain. Here, we have to mention another fact that the gentleman has long discovered the source of low-frequency noise, is located in their basement tower produced by the pump. To this end, the developers sued the court, seeking compensation for damages to stop the damage, and ordered the developers to make rectification. The developers of the so-called rectification measures, that is, in the iron fence plus a piece of wood, once again embodies the case of the developer's black heart, and the indifference to the legal society.

  Low-frequency noise protection is a worldwide problem. Low-frequency noise propagation methods are: airborne, structural propagation, and standing waves (building space reflection echo). Because of the long wavelength of low-frequency noise, it can easily penetrate the building, so even if the pump does not run more than 50 decibels, can still make people can not sleep, all day mental stress, may lead to neurasthenia, depression The

  So, how do we deal with this situation? First of all, is the manufacturer in the production of water pump, we must strictly abide by international standards, to produce high-quality pumps. Second, in the installation process, the main measures are installed in the pump seat shock absorber and shockproof material, and then the water pipe through the wall to install the elastic cushion. Overall, to the inlet and outlet of the main shock absorption measures, sound absorption, sound insulation measures, supplemented by. Our residential users can improve the ventilation windows on the window of the house. We only work together, do each link in order to reduce the low-frequency noise on our damage.

  With the development of society, water pump technology has become more and more skilled, the noise of the problem will be better resolved. The purchase of pumps must also be to the professional pump platform to buy, China Pump Industry Network is a special pump products to the electricity business platform, pooling the country to do the pump business settled, providing a full range of pump products sales, online business inquiries , Cooperation negotiations, offer quotes, online transactions and other services, is the best choice for buyers!

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