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DCS-series new carbon fiber composite material pump
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XWD-series horizontal vortex pump

WD-series horizontal corrosion-resistant centrifugal pump

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Professional research and development manufacturing corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant pump and blender more than 20 years


Product Features:

XWD-series horizontal vortex pumps adopt vortex impeller and are applicable to convey corrosive liquid containing less than 45% solid particles (particle size is no more than 20mm). Its unique structure makes impeller free from being stuck because of solids and it can make flow passage components free from frequent scaling. In this way, the service life of the impeller is greatly extended and problems like short service life, frequent maintenance and high consumption are well solved.

In the fields of phosphorus chemical industry, petroleum industry, coal chemical industry, paper making industry, sugar industry, pharmacy industry, chemical metallurgy and other industries, XWD-series pumps are applicable to transfer corrosive and abrasive liquid containing big particles.

XWD series horizontal swirl pump

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