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DCS-series new carbon fiber composite material pump
CZ-series chemical process pump
XWD-series horizontal vortex pump

DCS-series new carbon fiber composite material pump

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Professional research and development manufacturing corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant pump

and blender more than 20 years


  High-strength carbon fiber composite materials for our company independent research and development, has been the national invention patent (patent number ZL201310597859.0, ZL201310343890.1); with excellent anti-physical wear properties, "immune" almost all chemical corrosion, specific conditions of use The use of temperature up to about 150 ℃.

  Especially for metal and non-metallic pumps can not meet the high temperature, strong corrosion, high wear and tear at the same time the existence of media delivery; widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, electricity, coal, paper, energy saving and environmental protection industry.

DCS-series new carbon fiber composite material pump

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